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Patrik Johansson and Fredrik Balck come together in darkness, in something that at first seems like a sledge hammer that stubbornly bangs its rythm but it's so beautiful that it brings you to tears. It it is somehow up to the listener to decide whether the sun is rising or setting. The duo has come closer to the essence of music than many others in Sweden has done for a long time and we are proud to present their music  to you. Truckland Music considers this, their first full-lenght album release, a milestone in Swedish rock where the lyrics and music finally meet in the dark, beautiful landscape of poetry. Pueoblo is inspired by both Bowie and Sisters of Mercy as well as other grand acts of the preceding century.Listen to two tracks from the album†Darkness Keeps on Rising

Our own little Indy and his Sparrow have made a record and a damn feministic one aswell. Five, the opening song, might very well be this summerís absolute swinger hit and if you keep listening you wonít stop. Itís raw, itís fun, itís shameless and itís strong, really strong.

Truckland Music feels this to be an immediate proof of how good music can sound if you do it all by yourself, and Indy and Sparrow have. All the weaker women shall not feel weak after this, instead they will know that they do not stand alone against the ignorant power of men.

Listen 2 of the songs from the album Sound of Speed by clicking on the links below.



We are proud to represent Swedish alternative folk/pop band Jim and Pat Garrett Show. An accoustic guitar, a mandolin, a cello and a piano with a drum kit surrounding it weaves together music and vocals to a mix based on accoustic pop spiced with kletzmer, country, French and Irish folk and we can go on for a while. This is the band that even dear putting a lullaby on an album again.

Truckland Music believes this to be a unique mix of beauty and entertainment. Musically determined, romantic and still political songs performed with simplicity as a house rule. This is as good as it will ever get since Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles and Beach Boys.

Listen to "the Garretts" and buy the album in our Shop or at cdon.com and itunes.com


Visit their MySpace page: www.myspace.com/no1pueblo

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Visit their MySpace page: www.myspace.com/jimandpatgarrettshow

Keep Me Away from What I Know

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Not What You'd Expect

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